Zeb Powell on Being a Role Model and What Inspired His Goggle Design

Zeb Powell on Being a Role Model and What Inspired His Goggle Design

We caught up with Zeb Powell to chat a little bit about the meaning behind the design of his Pro Model goggle and how it all came together. 

Smith: What was it like seeing your goggle in real life for the first time? 

ZP: Crazy. It’s my first universal contribution to the snow sports world in general because skiers and snowboarders can wear this thing. ­ I have just as many skiers hyping me on the mountain as snowboarders, so to be able to give them something that’s not just snowboard oriented is pretty sick.

Smith: How did you choose the color scheme for your goggle? 

ZP: I feel I didn’t really have that much of a style growing up. I think I liked what I liked, but it was It wasn’t like much rhythm or rhyme to it, but then when I was in the middle of high school, my friend who was really into style got me this crazy red jumpsuit that I started rocking. And then next came this red hoodie from Crab Grab and I ended up loving that thing. 

I think just red stuff started just falling into my life. And I started running in it, and it started to feel really good wearing it. Red just kind of follows me, and now I embrace it fully, as you can see.

Smith: What inspired the design on your goggle

ZP: After winning X Games with Red Bull, I went on my first media tour the next fall. I was actually hurt during this media tour. It was right after I tore my meniscus. So I was kind of down and it’s so stressful going on live TV and stuff. But I got through it. Afterward, I went to a bodega to grab a few things and I remember the cashier gave me a little pack of incense with this dope design with roses on it. Even though I don’t burn incense, I keep that box on my corkboard above my desk and it reminds me of that time when I was stepping into a new world of snowboarding for me, not just snowboarding but the media side of it too. 

Smith: How does it make you feel that people look to you as a role model in the skiing and snowboarding communities? 

ZP: I think I just generally fall into the role model position just because it’s who I am. I’m not trying to be a role model, but it’s just my personality. I like to be welcoming and have fun with everybody and make everyone feel comfortable. 

Once I was at an event and we invited a bunch of football players, DJs, rappers, and musicians who are big names in their fields and we were just having fun, snowboarding, hanging out, just sharing laughs and stuff. Super cool. And I think that’s what I’m all about.