Your Guide to the Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Your Guide to the Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

When you’re watching the water, your eyes are the best tool you have for reading the riffle, seeing below the surface, and anticipating an eat. Polarized sunglasses for fishing protect your eyes from the harsh light reflecting off the water, reduce glare, and enhance contrast for the best possible vision above or below the water surface. Combined with the right frames and lens tech, polarized sunglasses help you spot fish and nail every strike. Check out our complete guide to Smith fishing sunglasses to find the right pair for your next adventure.

What you Need to Know When Shopping for Fishing Sunglasses

What is Lens Polarization?

Whether you’re scanning the river at dawn or battling unchecked afternoon sun in open water, polarized lenses cut surface glare and increase contrast to make the details pop, so you can fish longer without eye fatigue. Featuring a durable-surface treatment that filters out and blocks certain light waves, polarized sunglasses work for fishing because they let you see below the waterline.

ChromaPop™ Sunglasses

Our top-of-the-line fishing sunglasses feature our cutting-edge ChromaPop™ polarized lens technology to enhance clarity, optimize color, and reduce glare. An advanced lens option, ChromaPop™ filters crossover light wavelengths that cause color confusion. Whether you’re sight fishing for trout or looking for that school of mahi-mahi, ChromaPop™ polarized lenses cut glare and make colors pop for the best possible visuals. 

ChromaPop™ Glass PolarChromic: The First Lens to Have It All

The most challenging environments demand next-level technology. With ChromaPop™ Glass PolarChromic we’ve combined ChromaPop™ color & clarity with glare-eliminating polarization and game-changing photochromic adaptability. Crafted to be on the water all day, in any conditions, wherever the pursuit takes you. Check them out here.

Best Lens Color For Fishing

Lens color matters. This is why our fishing sunglasses come in a variety of different ChromaPop™ lens options. Choosing the right color lens for your fishing needs depends on the light conditions where you fish the most. Different lens colors enhance your vision in different ways, allowing you to see deeper, longer, or with better definition. Here are four favorites used daily by our Smith fishing athletes:

  • Blue: Ideal for offshore, deepwater fishing, our blue lenses cut the glare and protect eyes in bright, unfiltered sunlight. 
  • Green: A favorite of inshore anglers, our green lenses provide excellent contrast and detail in sunny and medium-light environments. 
  • Ignitor: Perfect for low-light missions, our ignitor lenses (rose tinted) improve color and contrast at dawn, dusk, and overcast conditions.
  • Brown: The quiver of one, our brown lenses are ideal for everyday use and in a wide range of light conditions.

The Best Smith Polarized Fishing Sunglasses for Your Needs

Best Fishing Sunglasses for: Full Coverage

Harsh sun, gusty winds, and salty ocean spray are no match for the Smith Spinner wraparound fishing sunglasses. Built with a wrap frame and full-shield lenses, they provide wall-to-wall coverage and protection. Leash-compatible, non-slip temples mean they stay in place no matter the conditions. 

“Cool design with great coverage. I’m on the water 200 days/year and the Spinner will be my ‘go-to’ this year.”


If you’re looking for an even bolder, full-coverage pair, give our Smith Boomtown sunglasses a go. 

Best Fishing Sunglasses for: Durability

A name that says it all. Our Smith Guide’s Choice and Guide’s Choice XL sunglasses are go-to styles for everyone, from experienced guides to novice anglers. Premium Italian spring hinges and coated lenses keep them going strong so you can depend on them day in and day out. Scratch-resistant Techlite™ or ChromaPop™ lenses add additional durability. 

“My first Smith glasses, and they’re amazing. So far the best-fitting frames I’ve used for fishing. The lens clarity is top-notch, and the frames feel very well built.”

Mike G.

For those looking for a reliable option with bifocals, check out our Smith Guide’s Choice Bifocal

Best Fishing Sunglasses for: Smaller Faces

We took our bestselling Guide’s Choice sunglasses and created a smaller-sized version to fit more faces With the Guide’s Choice S. Wide temples and a performance wrap ensure superior coverage while premium spring hinges, plus non-slip nose and temple pads, provide a secure, comfortable fit.

For folks who don’t necessarily need a smaller frame but are still looking for adjustability, try our flexible Smith Deckboss sunglasses. Their QuickFit temples are like rubberized pipe cleaners you can bend for a perfectly snug fit, so glasses stay put without squeezing or sliding off your face. 

Best Fishing Sunglasses for: Versatility

Morning on the water. Afternoon exploring town. The Smith Joya sunglasses can do it all. The subtle cat-eye shape and thick temples block bright sunlight from all angles, and our spring hinges maintain a secure fit. On the boat or on the shore, the PivLock™ leash retainer system ensures your glasses stay with you trip after trip. 

“I got these for my daughter for fly fishing with big streamers in fast water, where eye safety is important. She’s never loved a pair of sunglasses like she loves these.”

Drew G.

Another multipurpose sunglasses style for life around the water, the Smith Barra sunglasses are a one-and-done pair. A lightweight, wraparound frame provides plenty of coverage while slim, built-in side shields help reduce backside glare.

“Best sunglasses on the market. I use them for everything. When viewing water, you can spot fish from hundreds of yards away.”

Ryan W.

Don’t need large coverage, but love the features of the Barra? Opt for our Smith Longfin sunglasses for versatility on and off the water. 

Best Non-Fishing Sunglasses for: Fishing

You’ll also find some great polarized options for fishing in our non-fishing sunglasses. The Smith Embark, designed for enhanced coverage in bright, snow-covered alpine terrain, carries over nicely to bright, water-based environments too. 

“I love these glasses. I use them primarily for fly fishing, but have also used them for basically every outdoor activity. I love the plastic shaders on the side, as they help cut the glare and amplify the ability of the lens. I also like that they have a built-in retainer. They make me feel like James Bond.”

Peter F.

Best Prescription Sunglasses for: Fishing

If you need prescription sunglasses for fishing, we have a wide range of fishing styles available with prescription lenses. Choose from the casual look of the Smith Rockaway RX or the full coverage of the best-selling Smith Guide’s Choice RX. You’ll get all the contrast- and color-boosting benefits of ChromaPop™ with high-quality prescription lenses for the best vision possible. 

No matter which pair you go with, our Smith polarized fishing sunglasses, fishing accessories, and apparel make it easier to get out there and #PursueYourThrill.