Your Guide to Custom Fit Goggles and Imprint 3D

Your Guide to Custom Fit Goggles and Imprint 3D

Having a piece of gear custom fitted or made for you can make a huge difference on the mountain, as anyone who has had custom fitted ski boots can tell you. This is why we were so excited to bring custom fit technology to our ski and snowboard goggles with Imprint 3D

What Is the Difference Between Custom Fit and Standard Goggles?

In a standard goggle, 12-15mm of face foam does most of the work establishing fit by adjusting between the frame and the contours of your face. That means, when you tighten your goggle strap, that foam compresses and conforms to your face. With Imprint 3D goggles, the face flange (aka the piece of the goggle attached to the foam) itself is tailored to your face. This allows us to use a much thinner foam layer, and means you don’t have to tighten your goggle strap as tightly to get the goggle to seal correctly against your face. A custom fit goggle is a more comfortable goggle that reduces pressure points, as well as light and air leaks. 

I’d just resigned myself to thinking my nose would always get squished by my goggles until I tried out the I/O MAG Imprint 3D. Custom built from a scan of my face, these goggles are so comfortable I can forget I’ve got them on. No hot spots or light leaks, and my nose stays “unsquished”

-Pro Skier, John Collinson 

What Smith Goggles Can I Get Custom Fit? 

After launching our Imprint 3D offerings with I/O MAG goggles, this year we’re expanding your options so you can customize your goggles even more. Now you can also get our Squad Goggles and our Squad XL Goggles custom made for you. 

How Are Imprint 3D Goggles Made? 

After scanning your face in the Imprint 3D app, an individualized goggle frame profile is generated with a face flange (that’s the piece of the goggle attached to the foam) that is tailored to the exact contours of your face. The customized frame is 3D printed, then hand assembled in Smith’s USA-based production facility and delivered within 14 business days.

Our goal is to help you find the perfect pair of goggles for you. If you have any other questions we can answer, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts