Two people riding eBikes on a mountain bike trail by the beach.

What Does it Mean for a Helmet to Be eBike Certified?

Electric bikes or eBikes are gaining momentum in the bike world, from mountain bike trails to less sweaty commutes they’re a great way to get out on two wheels with a little more power behind your pedal. With that added speed and power, eBikes can come with a slightly different set of safety concerns which is why it’s great to have an eBike-certified helmet like the Dispatch or the Payroll to help keep you safe on your rides, but what exactly does that certification mean?

NTA-8776 or “eBike” helmet certification

NTA-8776 or “eBike” helmet certification is a Dutch-created safety agreement that protects against higher impact speeds and covers a larger part of the head. The US and the EU have yet to set a standard for this which is why we certify to the Dutch standard NTA-8776 in our eBike helmets, in addition to standard bike helmet certifications like CPSC, CE EN 1078, and AS/NZS2063.

Do I need an Ebike-certified helmet?

According to the Bike Helmet Safety Institute, “A bike helmet provides some protection in any crash, but not enough for a powered vehicle consistently traveling at 20 mph and higher.” and go on to say that. “At a minimum, your helmet should be certified to the Dutch NTA-8776 standard, the only one specifically for eBikes.”

Our Dispatch helmet is eBike-certified and pairs zonal Koroyd® with MIPS® for enhanced impact protection. The Dispatch also helps you stay visible on the roads with an integrated and rechargeable rear LED light. You can measure yourself at home to find the perfect fit or head to one of our local retailers to check it out in person.

If you’re heading out on the trails rather than hitting the road, then the Payroll is for you. This lightweight MTB helmet offers complete coverage for enduro, trail and E-MTB use.

Sticking to just pedal power and not quite ready to make the eBike upgrade? We have helmets to help keep you safe and visible on your commute and helmets that’ll keep up with you on the trails.